Dr. Cathy Richardson

 cathy richardson, response based practice, dignity 2016

Dr. Cathy Richardson is a family and community therapist specializing in practice and research involving recovery from violence.  She is currently involved in advancing response-based practice, a dignity-based approach to violence prevention and recovery with individuals and groups.  She has worked with Indigenous communities, with victims of spousal assault, and with families in child protection settings.  She is a co-founder of the Centre for Response-Based Practice and is an Associate Professor at the University of Montreal.   

Response-based practice is centred on dignity and honouring resistance in conversations with people who have been harmed.  Cathy was formerly involved in the implementation of family group conferencing on Vancouver Island, and in the development of the Islands of Safety model for child protection planning.  Cathy’s work focuses on creating safety both for children and for the non-offending parent in cases of domestic violence. 

 Cathy is interested in the intersections of healing, recovery, social justice, culture and spirituality.  She was a facilitator of the “Together for Justice” project in the Yukon, working with RCMP and Aboriginal women to create safety in the communities.