Talking to Funders & Donors about Response-Based Practice

 Jeff Halvorsen

     What is the problem you are trying to solve?  What do you do and how do you know what impact you have?   These are the questions we face when describing our work. This presentation will describe the journey taken to answer these questions in a way that aligns with Response-Based Practice and upholds the dignity of the clients we serve.  Jeff Halvorsen first attempted to analyze response-based practice through the lens of outcome evaluation and theory of change. This endeavour proved unsuccessful and these initiatives were then reviewed using the tools of response-based practice. The work resulted in the following statement: Wherever perpetrators commit violence, victims respond and resist.  Social responses either support the perpetrator and enable further violence, or support the victim in their resistance and efforts to achieve safety and dignity.  We support resistance to violence and the insatiable desire for safety and justice. This description forms the basis of an exit survey which helps us answer the questions about what we do and what difference does it make.