Isaac Romano

 isaac romano, dignity 2016, response based practice

Isaac Romano began his work as a social justice, transformational activist and peer counseling therapist in 1973, first in Seattle and then in San Francisco.  By 1979 Isaac was at the for front in what was the major low income housing struggle to stop the eviction of Chinese and Filipino elders and to save their “home,” the San Francisco “I Hotel (International Hotel). Isaac was also an ally and was a key support to the leadership from the Berkeley Centre for Independent living, leaders that led the leading US movement and action for disability rights and equal access.

From 1981 to 1985, Isaac Romano was on the steering committee of Seattle’s Kadima, a leading progressive Jewish social justice organization that had both Jewish and non-Jewish members.  Returning to university in 1989, now as a leading early childhood educator in Seattle, Isaac attended Bank Street College of Education’s Early Childhood Leadership Program in Manhattan, where he received his M. SC in ECE in 1991.

Now living in Montreal, Isaac is Executive Director of a leading activist and social justice research institute on war resistance and war resisters. Isaac is also at the forefront in Canada at building alliances and creating peace initiatives with Jewish and Muslim peace leaders in Canada.  Isaac continues to work as a therapist and Parent Coach and attachment parenting instructor at Montreal’s Sedona Counseling Centre.