Kristen Sheridan

Kristen Sheridan has been working with women and children who have been subjected to violence for over 20 years in various capacities: homelessness services, case management, counselling and group support programs. Kristen’s current work with ShantiWorks, a small organisation in Melbourne Victoria, includes training, evaluation, counselling and supervision in family violence services, as well as projects related to family violence, violence prevention and gender equity in mainstream organisations. Kristen’s work centres on the gendered nature of family violence, but also considers the impact on individuals and communities of other forms of privilege and oppression, including racism, classism and ableism.

Kristen has a Masters in International and Community Development and a Bachelor of Arts, with a Rural Social Welfare Major. Kristen’s strong feminist ethic and approach to her work has led to a commitment and passion to working in various capacities within the community to eradicate men’s violence against women.