Marianne Karlsson

Marianne is an engaged and innovative pre-school teacher, therapist and children´s advocate who, together with fellow colleagues and activists has worked to encourage conversation regarding childrens experiences of violence and responses to violence in Lulea, and the northern region of Sweden. Marianne has supported children experiencing violence since she set up the first children´s programme in the Whitsunday region of Australia 16 years ago whilst working as a child support worker for the Whitsunday Women´s Services. Before her current role at Balans Behandling, developing safe accommodation and support services for women and children experiencing violence Marianne worked as a family support worker, coordinator/counsellor for children experiencing violence in and around her hometown Luleå. Marianne met her husband Graeme in the Whitsunday Region of Queensland, Australia, 20 years ago and together they have a wonderful 14-year-old son Erik. Marianne and her family currently reside on the coast of Bothnia Bay in Luleå, Sweden and respectfully and humbly also calls Australia home.