OLGA PERSSON is Secretary General at Unizon. Unizon is the Swedish association for 140 women’s shelters, young women’s empowerment centres and other support services, which work together for a gender equal society free from violence.

Olga is a political scientist and has great expertise and experience in the fields of men's violence against women, violence prevention, rape and sexual abuse of children, both from the civil society movements and from the state official level. As Secretary-General of Unizon she works with advocacy on a national and international level, training of the judicial and legal system, as well as capacity building of the 140 member organizations around Sweden. Unizon believes in a holistic view of violence, and are strong advocates for working with perpetrators with feminist approach. Accountability to the women's movement and the shelter movement are key principles for this work. Olga is specialized in issues concerning violence prevention and masculinities, rape, sexual abuse and prostitution as a form of men´s violence against women. Olga has also worked several years at a front line service, directly with victims of rape