Dr Robin Routlege

collosal Robin.jpg

Robin is a psychiatrist (a real one with pills, ECT, and locked doors) in the Cowichan communities on Vancouver Island. His main interest has been this question: “How do people maintain their dignity inside a context of extreme adversity?” This question came into sharp focus for him when he was an aide in an old Alberta insane asylum on the long-stay back wards. There was an extension of the question later, for Robin, which was “How do other people make the situation better or worse?” But this second question was still only a side issue. This side-issue question pulled Robin into Milan Systemic therapy and later into organizational theory. Nowadays, any problem with the potential to challenge a person’s worth or allow a person a chance to show their worth against adversity, is of interest to him. How a person responds to severe illness seems equivalent to responses to social injustice and how other people can make it better or worse also seem similar.