Response-Based Neurology & the Psychiatry of Terror

Robin Routledge

     Both neurology and psychiatry study the human nervous system and its interactions with the world.  Robin Routledge will present an understanding of the brain and its responses to the world - to help us understand reactions to events which might otherwise be thought to be extreme, but are actually normal when we consider how the events we respond to are extreme.

     Robin will then give a history of psychiatry and how it itself has been a response to events mostly in the industrialized world over the last two centuries.  Specifically, he will present the story of psychiatry’s evolving understanding of human responses to extreme adversity.  He will leave that story unfinished, where it is now in the present moment.

     It is odd that neurology knows a great deal and can replicate the knowledge reliably, but can’t do as much about it, and psychiatry doesn’t have much replicable knowledge, but has opinions and can actually do quite a bit.  This talk will sound quite a bit like story telling.