Acting General Manager & Manager of Sightlines - Professional Services Division of Domestic Violence Service Management

Sal has worked in strategy and development roles within human services for 20 years in London and Sydney. She joined DVSM in 2015 and established Sightlines – the Professional Services Division driving change in services and system design to reduce violence and improve responses for people experiencing and escaping Domestic and Family Violence.

With a professional background in education, including special education, early years, listening to young children through technology, using technology to reduce social disadvantage across generations and to improve education practice, she has worked throughout her career with communities facing intergenerational poverty and/or disadvantage. Her experience also includes working with corporate leadership firms in an associate capacity as a coach and advisor to NGOs and corporate executives. She has undertaken research with The London University of the Arts on the creative and cultural citizenship of young children, and has designed and led projects in service reforms, common assessment frameworks, child poverty reduction and integrated leadership programs across statutory and universal services. Sal is a certified Work Place Mediator, Action Learning Facilitator and Certified Brain Based Coach, and is passionate about connecting people to people, people to ideas, and ideas to ideas.